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Progressive Concepts, Inc. | Kitchener / Waterloo Area

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Sales-Specific Assessments


Candidate Assessments

We help companies get the right salespeople on their team by screening applicants before the interview process. This substantially reduces time, expense, and energy for companies so they will only be interviewing the best of the best. 

Sales Force Evaluations

The Sales Effectiveness and Improvement Analysis (SEIA) is the single most important collection of information about your company’s sales organization. The SEIA sheds light on potential problems with your hiring criteria, the quality of your pipeline, and overall effectiveness of your salespeople and management.

The STAR Program

We will screen for the best, you interview them and come to a decision, and we work with them for 12 months after they're hired to ensure success!

The Original Sales Assessment

Are you among the top 2% of successful salespeople? Let us help you get an accurate and predictive measurement of your sales capabilities that is customized for your selling environment.

Behaviour and Communication

Improve your sales department's performance by understanding your team's behaviour and communication styles with Extended DISC Assessments. These assessments are simple to complete yet provide impactful and actionable analyses of the individuals on your team.