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Progressive Concepts, Inc. | Kitchener / Waterloo Area

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Please join us for a complimentary sales class.

Experience Sandler

Our clients used to struggle to hit their sales targets. They were spending too much time on unqualified prospects and dropping their prices to close sales until they found a better way. Crash one of our upcoming sales classes alongside them and see how they’ve achieved success with Sandler and developed a selling system to close more business, more often, more easily.

Sales Management Free Session

Take The First Step Towards More Successful Sales

Please join us for this complimentary sales session and learn how to...

  • Build successful sales, leadership and support systems.

  • Grow your business, manage your team, and increase revenues.

  • Implement processes that generate productive conversations for long-term results

  1. Improve your current processes!
  2. Discover a workable, ground-level solution!
  3. Seating is limited - You don't want to miss out!
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